Press Releases

These are our forté! The secret is getting the Right message to the Right people at the Right time…and of course preparing and submitting the press release to the media so that it is used and a successful result achieved for the customer. Press releases are an extremely cost-effective way of reaching your target audience, and an essential part of the marketing strategy.

News Features

Whatever the social occasion or entertainment event – we have probably written about it! Features on county events, topical business issues, and the thriving commercial and social organisations of Shrewsbury and surrounding Shropshire towns are a regular part of our business. Music and events features, media events and monthly magazine articles are regularly contributed for local newspapers and quality magazines. Our various clients often feature in the national media. If you want to “get in the news” to a maximum audience then why not let us use some creativity to ensure a successful news story… in Shropshire and nationwide.

Advertising Features

Since the business was established in 1993, a variety of articles have been written on subjects as diverse as education, waste management, wining and dining, motoring, photography, music and interior design, using the creative writing skills available from Philip Davies Public Relations. We have produced successful features on everything from bridal wear and toys, to food and drink. Restaurants, garages, recruitment agencies and financial institutions are some examples of the various commercial organisations and family businesses to benefit from our successful campaigns